Computer hardware repair:


Does your MacBook over heat? Missing your ’S’ key? The family iMac running slow?

I have repaired everything from Power Macintoshes from 1988, to the latest gorgeous iMacs, and rugged MacBook Pros.

I can remove a failed hard drive, reinstall the operating system, and help you get back to where you were, for much less then a service center, and without having to wait or drop your computer off. Of course the excellent Time Capsule and external hard drive, along with growing online storage, should make any issue worry-free, but I will apply my knowledge and experience to the best of my ability. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

In addition to out-of-AppleCare repairs, or for non-covered issues, I can help you get more out of your mac:

In-Home and online system support on Mac OSX and applications.
Data Backup and recovery services.
Business and home-entertainment networking.
Apple Mac Support Repair Philadelphia PA